Pra Khun Paen Wat Bahn Grahng, Supanburi


Some people said that long long time ago, at Wat Bahn Grahng, Suphanburi province, thousands and thousands of Pra Khun Paen were left laying under the trees in the temple compound. There was a such an abundant of these amulets in the temple, that no one found them unusual.

Old Tradition in Suphanburi

It was the habit for a man before visiting his lady friend, to pass by Wat Bahn Grahng and take a Pra Khun Paen from the temple. It was also a believe that the Pra Khun Paen would increase the attractiveness of the man, and also protect him from any accident and danger. This amulet was already well-known during that time for it's protective power against weapons, which is called Kong Grapan power; invulnerable to weapons. However, the local taboo during that time, prevented anyone from owning the amulet, as it was believed that taking things from the temple and bring them back home, would bring misfortune to the family. So, after anyone used the amulets, they would place them back to the original place where they took them from. Gradually over many years, this taboo was not practised, and people kept the amulets, in tens and hundreds pieces in their house for personal use.


Pra Khun Paen Bahn Grahng is famous for it's Kong Grapan and Metta Maha Sene Niyom (attractiveness to opposite sex) power. I was believed that anyone who wears a Pra Khun Paen Bahn Grahng, would have good metta to the opposite sex, Chok Lahk (fortune) and as well as easier to approach their superiors for favours.

History of Pra Khun Paen

The history of Pra Khun Paen Bahn Grahng is more than 400 years old. Originally, this amulet was not called Pra Khun Paen, and no one really knew why it was given the name Khun Paen. Some people think that it was named after Khun Paen, a legendary hero in Thai folktale who was also borned in Suphanburi. The name Khun Paen was given because this amulet is proven for it's metta and kong grapan which is similar to the power of the hero Khun Paen.


A good condition Pra Khun Paen Bahn Grahng is very difficult to find and very expensive. This is due to the age of this amulet which is a few hundreds years old and also the material of this amulet which was made from Din Phow (soil) is less protective from the effect of nature, after left in the open for so many years.

Pra Khun Paen Bahn Grahng was made from soil and baked to harden it. There are many different colours, such as yellow, red, green and black. The green and black coloured ones are rarer to find. However, whichever colours the amulets are, is not of important because the same material were used. The difference in colours was due to the different temperature when baking the amulets. The longer the amulets were being baked, the colour would change. The green and black ones were those that were baked for a shorter period of time, and were removed before the colour changed to reddish.

Pims and Price

There are more than 40 over different Pims in Pra Khun Paen Bahn Grahng. The more popular Pims are the hexagon shaped ones, called Pim Ork Yai and Pim Ork Lek. The price ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 or more depends on Pims and condition of the amulet.

Pra Khun Paen Bahn Grahng is a proven and very effacious amulet. However, it was mentioned in the text, that even if one has 100 or 1000 pieces of Pra Khun Paen Bahn Grahng, if one chooses to do bad, Pra Khun Paen could not protect him from his bad karma. If one practises good deeds, Pra Khun Paen would definitely help him succeed in whatever he wished for.

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