Pra Luang Por Pahn Wat Bahng Nom Koh


Behind Wat Bahng Nom Koh, is a cementry. A 2 floors Sala(buidling) was built there to temporary keep the bodies of the dead people before they were being cremeted. Luang Por Pahn would practise his sammahdti and wichah(magic) daily at the Sala. He would sit in sammahdti at the second floor of the Sala, while looking at the dead bodies on the first floor. This has always been his daily routine and nothing unusual had happened before.

A Good Omen

One day, when Luang Por Pahn was sitting in sammahdti at the Sala, a white haired man dressed in white appeared in front of him. This mysterious white haired man asked Luang Por Pahn to create a batch of amulets which consists of 6 different types of animals with a buddha sitting on them. They are Hanuman(half man, half monkey), Payah Krut(half man half bird), Nok(bird), Gai(cock), Met(porcupine) and Plah(fish). After the mysterious white haired man had told Luang Por Pahn the amulet features, he also taught Luang Por Pahn the different magical chant for the different animals. Luang Por Pahn as if he was a dream, woke up from his sammahdti. The mysterious white haired man had already vanished. Luang Por Pahn revealed that strange happenings to his disciples and all his disciples were all very amazed and said it was a good omen.

How The Amulets Were Created

Not long after, a man called Ah Jahn Chaeng, came to pay a visit to Luang Por Pahn at Wat Bahng Nom Koh. Coincidentally, Ah Jahn Chaeng brought up the topic of creating Buddha's amulets. Luang Por Pahn could sense that this man Ah Jahn Chaeng possesed Wichah, so Luang Por Pahn requested Ah Jahn Chaeng to teach him the way to create and chant amulets. Ah Jahn Chaeng willingly taught Luang Por Pahn all the Wichah he knew about amulets inside Wat Bahng Nom Koh main shrine.

When the villagers came to know that Luang Por Pahn has the intentions to create Buddha's amulets, alot of them came to assist. Some of the villagers went to crave the mould for the amulets according to what Luang Por Pahn has told them about the strange encounter with the white haired mysterious man. Some of them went to search for materials to be used to make the amulets such as Wahn, flowers, old broken amulets, soils and etc. With the help of the villagers, Luang Por Pahn created the first batch of somdej amulets made from Din Phow (soil).

First Batch of Luang Por Pahn's Amulets - Pim BohRahn

Since that was the first time Luang Por Pahn created amulets and furthermore the amulets were hand made by the villagers, the quality in terms of pims and features of the amulets were not so good. This batch of amulets was called Pim BohRahn(ancient). Nevertheless, the amulets were completely distributed to the people.

2nd Batch of Luang Por Pahn's Amulets - Pim Niyom

Not discouraged, Luang Por Pahn went around to look for good craftman to create a new set of moulds. Eventually, he created the second batch of somdej amulets from the new moulds and this batch has a better quality and the features were much clearer than the first batch. This batch was called Pim Niyom or Pim MahDtaTahn(quality). This second batch of amulets were distributed in BE2460, and each piece of amulet distributed was attached with a piece of instruction and magical chant, on how to use the amulet.

The Shape and Features of Luang Por Pahn Amulets

The shape of Luang Por Pahn amulets is a square shaped amulet, slanted at the four corners. The Buddha image at the centre resembles Buddha sitting in sammahdti position on a lotus pedestal, some Pims have more than one step lotus pedestal.

At the sides of the amulet, are the magical Yan; the left and right sides consist of 2 sets of Yan, written in Pali script "Ma", "Aa", "Ut", "Ut". This Yan is the best chant from the famous kathah Pra DtraiPiDokDtreePit, this kathah protects one from danger(AnDtratRaai), weapons(Kong Grapan), and harm(Klaew Klah).

Different Pims

Below the Buddha image, is the different types of animals. There are 6 main animals; Hanuman(half man, half monkey), Phaya Krut(half man, half bird), Gai(cock), Met(porcupine), Nok(bird) and Plah(fish). All the features of the animal's postures as if they are carrying the Buddha sitting on the lotus pedestal. If you examine carefully, almost all the animal's legs are stepping on the bottom edge of the amulet.

There are a total of more than 40 over different Pims originated from the 6 main animal group, for example under the Gai's mould, there are Gai Hahng Puang(enclosed tail), Gai Sahn Sen(3 tails), Gai See Sen(4 tails) and etc.

The back of the amulets are usually plain. However, there are a few and rare pieces of amulets which have a deep Yan at the back of the amulet. This type of amulet is called Lahng Yan Pahm(deep yan). There are also some pieces with hand-written Yan at the back. These pieces with Yan at the back, are very rare and expensive.

At the top of the amulet, there is a small hole which contained a special powder, called Phong Wiset(special), and every pieces of Luang Por Pahn amulets of any Pims, must have this special powder.

The 3 Types of Special Powder on the top of Luang Por Pahn Amulets

Luang Por Pahn amulets are very different from other types of amulets, because there is a special powder called Phong Wiset at the top of the amulet, whereas other types of amulets do not have. This special powder is very important because this special powder together with animals features on the amulets are the protective power of the amulets to guard and protect one from all kind of danger and harm.

First Type of Special Powder

This type of special powder is called Hua Jai Sat Hok Yahng(6 types of animal's heart) powder. The method of making of this powder was taught by the white-haired mysterious man who appeared in front of Luang Por Pahn when he was sitting in sammahdti at the Sala. This type of special powder is very difficult to make and only Luang Por Pahn himself knew how to make. When making of this special powder, Luang Por Pahn would go inside the Bot(shrine) alone and make this powder, he has never taught any of his disciples.

Second Type of Special Powder

This type of special powder is called Phong Wiset Yan GotPet made from Yan Gotpet. Luang Por Pahn found the kathah Yan Gotpet from the temple's Kru (chedi), and Luang Por Pahn used this kathah to make this special powder. This special powder is very difficult to make and Luang Por Pahn has to sit in sammahdti for a long period of time to make this special powder from the Yan GotPet. Luang Por Pahn has taught his disciples the kathah Yan GotPet and as well as how to make this Phong Wiset Yan GotPet.

Third Type of Special Powder

Phong Wiset Hah PraGahn(5 Kinds of Special Powder) is a combination of 5 kinds of powder; Phong ItiJe, Phong PaTaMang, Phong MahaRaht, Phong PutTaKon and Phong DtreeNiSingHe. This special powder is similar to the type of powder that have been used by Somdej PraPuDtaJahnDtoh Wat Rakang, Luang Poo Poo, Wat In and Somdej Pilian for their amulets.

After the creation of these 3 types of special powder, Luang Por Pahn would chant the powder again and after which he would insert this special powder into the amulets.


It is not possible to know the quantity of the amulets that have been created by Pra Luang Por Pahn. Each time Luang Por Pahn has finished created and chanted the amulets, he would begin to distribute them, no proper records were kept. Some people estimated that the quantity of Luang Por Pahn amulets is not less than 100,000 pieces.

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