Somdej Pra Sangkarat Pae Wat Suttat

Somdej Pra Sangkarat Wat Suttat was borned during the King Rama 4 Period. He was borned on 12th November BE2399. His father was named Nut and his mother; Oon. They were farmers at Bahng Lunpoo Lahng (old name for a place in Tonburee). When he was 13 years old, his father bought him to become a novice under Pra Somdej Wan Rat (Somboon) of Wat Raat Boorana. During his novice days, he also learn dhamma from Ah Jahn Poh at Wat Torng Noppakun.

In BE2422, when Pra Somdej Wan Rat (Somboon) passed away of illness, Somdej Pra Sangkarat (Pae) went to be ordained under Pra Somdej Wan Rat (Daeng). Later on, he also learned Dhamma from Pra Sangkarat (Sah) at Wat Raai Pradit.

- BE 2419, Went for Dhamma exam at King's Palace. However, he did not managed to pass.

- BE 2425, Passed the Dhamma exam and promoted to Preai 4 (Rank).

- BE 2428, Passed another Dhamma exam at Wat Pra Seeratanahsasahdahrahm (Wat Pra Keow) and promoted to Preai 5.

- BE 2432, Promoted to Pra Rahrahchah Kana at Pra See Sompoh

- BE 2441, Promoted to Senior Pra Rahrahchah Kana at Pra See Sompoh

- BE 2443, Promoted to Pra Tamagohsahjahn

- BE 2455, Promoted to Pra Prommunee by King Rama 6

- BE 2466, Promoted to Pra Somdej Praputtajahn

- BE 2472, Promoted to Pra Wanrat (most senior monk who takes care of monk's conduct) by King Rama 7

- BE 2479, Transferred to Bangkok by Somdej Pra Sangkarat (Jow) of Wat Rahborpit

- BE 2471 to BE 2474, Became Chief Invigilator of Dhama exam at Sanahm Luang

- 15 Nov BE 2481, Promoted to Pra Sangkarat of Thailand when Pra Sangkarat (Jow) passed away

Pra Sangkarat (Pae) passed away on 26th Nov BE 2487 at Wat Suttat at age of 89, 66 rain retreats

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