Pra Somdej Wat CheLeumPraGiat


In BE2483 during the Indo-Chin War, Wat CheLeumPraGiat opened the temple's Kru to remove all the amulets which had been kept inside the Kru. The amulets found inside the Kru were many different types of Somdejs. They were removed and donated to the Government officials, which later distributed them to the Army personnels who have been fighting in the Indo-Chin War.

No one knew who were the monks who had created these batches of Somdejs contained inside the kru, because there were no records of the history. The only knowledge about these Somdej was that they were kept in the Kru during the 6th Thai King's rule and was estimated to be created from BE2453 to BE2468, about 70-80 years old. Some people said that the somdejs were created by the 3rd abbot of Wat Pra Giat, PraKru PeeCharCheLeum (Cheung).

Material and Pims

The materials of these somdej looked similiar to the material used for Pra Somdej Wat Rakang and the Somdejs made by Luang Poo Poo, except that Somdej Wat CheLeumPraGiat is thicker. The colours of these somdej are either white or black, where black colour ones are very rare.

There are many different Pims but there are only 15 Pims that are Niyom and the most common and Niyom Pim is the Pim Wan Gert.

1. Pim Sahm Chan Yan Hah Dtua Mai Mee Choom

2. Pim Sahm Chan Yan Hah Dtua Yai Choom Khaht

3. Pim See Chan Yan Hah Dtua Lek

4. Pim Hah Chan Bua See Dtork

5. Pim Hah Chan Choom Dtua Wah Nah Yai

6. Pim Hah Chan Choom Dtua Wah Nah Lek

7. Pim Hah Chan Choom Krorb Geow

8. Pim Jet Chan Choom Krorb Geow

9. Pim Jet Chan Choon Dtua Wah

10. Pim Jet Chan Choon Dtua Wah Khahng Ut (Pim Wan Gert)

11. Pim Pra Kong Nah Diow Lae Sorng Nah

12. Pim Choom Kong Yan Hah Dtua

13. Pim Gleab Bua Choom Chinaraht Bua Hah Dtork

14. Pim Gleab Bua Yan Hah Dtua

15. Pim Leb Meua

Effect and Price

Although, no one knew much about these somdej, their protection power against accident, Kong Grapan (invulnerable to weapons) and metta maha-niyom (attractiveness) are very well-known and proven.

As for the price of Somdej Wat CheLeumPraGiat Pim Wan Gert which is the most popular Pim costs about 10,000 bahts. The other Pims are cheaper around 2-3000 bahts. These Somdejs can be categorised as Good and Cheap amulets which gives the wearer good protective power at a small price.

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